8 Best Recruiting Strategies to Hire Hair & Beauty Pros

8 Best Recruiting Strategies to Hire Hair & Beauty Pros

Here is a complete guide to help you with the best recruiting strategies to help hire hair and beauty pros.

Out of all the businesses globally, the service business is one of the most complicated. The owner and manager face many challenges, but this type of risk is what some people like. For example, a salon owner's biggest challenges is hiring professionals for hair and beauty.

Since it is a skill-based designation, everyone has different skills and talent levels. Therefore, it can be difficult to assess the level of every candidate. However, that is when efficient recruitment strategy plan will help you choose the right staff for your salon.

Here is a complete guide to help you with the best recruiting strategies to help hire hair and beauty pros.

How To Find Experienced Hairdressers and Beauty Pros?

Before starting recruitment strategies, the manager must create a group of potential candidates. Once there are enough potential candidates that are when recruitment strategies will help you.

Reaching out to experienced hairdressers will be a challenging task. However, there are some tactics you can use to gather some of the potential candidates and then start with the recruitment process.

Here are some tactics you can use to connect with some of the best hairdressers and beauty pros.

1. Connect to Online Platforms

Yes, some of the best online platforms bring employers and employees together. These make your work easier, and find yourself some best potential employees.

GetHiring is one of the best online platforms you can use and find professional hairdressers and beauty staff. However, this platform specializes only in dealing with hairdressers and beauty professionals. Therefore, this is the only platform a salon manager should go to.

It helps both the job-seeking professionals and employers to connect. Not only saving your time but also helping you find some of the best professionals in this industry.

2. Setting a Standard

This is one of the best ways to show the growth and level of your salon to the entire industry. Setting a standard of level and growth in the industry will ensure that everyone in the industry is aware of what to expect from your salon.

High-quality service and an excellent brand name are two things that will help you achieve this goal. Once you have set a recruiting standard, every employee, even before applying, will know if they fit in or not.

This will help you set a hiring level for your salon; only pros will try to apply and contact you.

Top Best Strategies To Hire Hair and Beauty Professionals

For hiring professionals, there are many recruiting strategies that you can use and always keep in mind. But there are many things a salon owner must do to attract professionals in this industry to his business.

Therefore, this section is very important to understand.

1. Create Brand Value

Every business needs professionals and experienced staff, but it is also important to understand if the professionals would want to work there or not.

The professional staff likes to work in well-known businesses as it will help them improve their portfolio. Not only this, but they will feel like they deserve it here, comparing it to their skill level.

Creating a brand value will solve many of your problems, including recruitment and retention strategy. Once you have a brand value established, you will see many hair and beauty professionals waiting in line to be selected by you.

2. Connecting With Beauty School Students

This is like entering a gold mine where you have a great talent brewing right in front of you. In beauty schools, you can see some of the future professionals learning and refining their skills.

Make sure to pay an occasional visit to beauty schools and spread your industry knowledge with the students. This will help you connect with them in a better way.

Offer the top students a chance to visit your salon and work for a day. Such techniques will help you with your recruitment strategies.

3. Earn Remarkable Reviews

Operating the salon and thinking it will work is not enough. For a salon owner, creating a market presence should be very important. By this, not only professional staff but also the competitors will be aware of you.

In addition, getting some great reviews is the best way to do so. However, before getting some reviews, you must ensure you deserve them.

There may be many online reputation and marketing firms that will help you get some remarkable reviews. Make sure the reviews are published in some of the best industry papers and sites.

This is popularly known as one of the best online recruitment strategies.

4. Offer Advanced Training Programs

It doesn't matter how professional someone may be; there is always room for improvement. In addition, when there is a new employee, it takes time to settle and learn how the system works.

Offering advanced training programs will attract employees to learn new things. For example, in service industry businesses such as salons, the staff is always looking to improve their skills in any way possible.

Make sure the training programs are specialized and offered by some of the well-known experts in the industry. It is a great recruitment strategy you can go for.

Don’t forget to market the programs you offer. In addition, you can offer these programs to hairdressers that are not your employees. However, there should be some charges for them to opt for the program.

This will give them a chance to be at your salon, look around and see if they are attracted to work at your salon.

5. Don’t Forget About Social Media

Social media is a place that can help your business in uncountable ways possible. Whether marketing, reference, or recruiting strategy, social media will definitely help you. It all depends on how you post and present the content.

For social media, marketing your recruitment strategy will benefit you the most. However, don't market it as an actual strategy but show what is happening at your salon and how it is different. This will not only help you attract clients but also some professional hairdressers as well.

Once your salon is on a goal list of a hair and beauty pro, then there is nothing that is going to stop you. This will create a benchmark for your business as well.

6. Attractive Website

Yes, having an attractive and detailed website will help your business stay on the right track to achieve the goals of your recruitment and retention strategy. In addition, the website will help others learn about your salon, and it is a great platform to share your portfolio.

Some of your projects or celebrities you have worked with can be presented on your website. It is your website, and you can place any information you like. Make sure not to compromise on anything when designing the website.

Looking at the website, the pros can know that this is a place where they should be working at.

7. Offer Unique Services

You may think it will only help the clients get unique services that aren't available anywhere else. However, this will help you in recruitment strategies as well.

The industry pros will know that are some services only you offer and no other salon does. This will attract them to your salon, and they will be a part of the staff carrying out these services.

This strategy will bring opportunities for growth in every way possible. Yes, some services may require training, but that is also a part of your strategy.

8. Never Try To Show That You Are Looking For Pros

It is important for a salon manager or owner to ensure you don't look desperate to the staff you are looking to hire. No doubt every business would want to hire professionals, but that is something you should attract to your business.

No professional will even apply for a post if it is stated that they only want pros. This will weaken the essence of all the recruitment strategies you have been carrying out.

The best way to attract pros is by creating a standard level they must meet and consider themselves for your business. You will see some of the best applications once you follow all these strategies.

Professional Equipment For Professional Hairdressers and Beauty Staff

Other than a professional environment and system, the equipment affects the speed and efficiency of your salon staff. The equipment they use plays a vital role in ensuring the best service.

The hairdresser may be a professional and highly experienced, but if he doesn’t have the right equipment, delivering the expected service would be difficult.

Therefore, you should consider Omysalon for your salon to ensure a professional equipment supplier. They are the best salon equipment supplier you want.

Offering a wide variety of products of every single category, the equipment will help you improve the level of service and customer satisfaction. From Skincare to Mani & Pedi, you will find equipment related to every service at a single shop.

They offer your business's best, most durable, affordable, and professional equipment.


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