A Complete Checklist of Barbering and Hair Salon Tools [Free Download]

A Complete Checklist of Barbering and Hair Salon Tools [Free Download]

In this post, we will have a brief outlook on the must-have equipment and tools for barbering or salon essentials that at least should be there in any Barbershop!
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In this post, we will have a brief outlook on the Must-have Equipment and Tools for Barbering or salon essentials that at least should be there in any Barbershop! It does not matter whether you have already own a barber shop or planning for a new one.

One or the other day you will need all essentials hair salon to make your salon completely organized and ready to satisfy your clients. So for any Barber shop, this post will help you feel more confident to run your business and increase the client base.

Investing in essential hair care or barbershop tools and barber equipments is worthy so to satisfy every demands and needs of your customers. It plays major role in setting up a brand value in the market and grow the business for long term profits.

For example you can try to welcome your guests in the best possible way like an attractive Door mat. In the same way, Cleanliness is a key to lure your customers especially those who won’t compromise with visiting an untidy studio for their hair makeovers.A Complete Checklist of Tools for Barbering and Hair Salon

These stuffs can make you confident enough to do well with your hair salon business even if there lies high competition in your area. You should be a respectable barber plus make ways to standout in the industry among other hair stylists.

Focusing on offering the basics to your customers can automatically help you gain positive reviews against your service. Next we would see the list of Hair salon essentials break down into four parts for you to understand their role in making a complete Barber shop. You could find these cheap hair salon equipment for sale, and click the button to get the barbering tools checklist free:

Part-1: Reception Area

You can’t serve your every clients as and when they enter in your studio. There should be a waiting area where they could sit and wait for their turn. Yet, you need to keep such place engaging for your customers so that they could not feel bored. For example, using the retail displays can get your job done for the most.

The seats must be comfortable enough for one to do not mind sitting for a long time before switching to the working area. The reception table must be large enough to make the essentials handy for the receptionist to better serve the clients. It includes a Phone, Appointment book, and Cash Log. Therefore, the Essentials include;

- Outdoor Signs – There are different kinds of sign boards that one can use outside a salon. These acts like sales agent to lure strangers to convert into the customers.

- Barber Pole – The pole generally consist of helix of colorful stripes including blue, white and red. It act as a trade sign to mark the place of the barbers.

- Hours Signage – By mentioning the working hours to the pass by public can help them visit the hair salon at right time taking convenience in mind.

- Welcome Mat – If you want to impress your guests in their every visit then prefer to use eye-catching mats. It also adds professional touch to the salon interiors.

- Reception Seating & Furniture – The style and arrangement of the furniture and seats in the reception area should not be ignored.

- Reception Desk – You can manage the size of the desk depending on the space available in the reception section of your hair treatment studio.

- POS System/Cash Register – It is good to have many convenient options of payment at the reception desk for the ease of customers.

- Appointment Book/Scheduling Software – The salon management must be serious about the appointments to avoid hassle of customers wait for longer.

- Telephone – Landline telephones still plays major role in managing the businesses in this mobile era. So feel free to invest in it!

- Business Cards – It represents the brand identity plus convey the essential contact details of the business. These cards can also help in marketing among people.

- Retail Shelving – You can display certain salon products on these shelves that are in high demand or impactful to gain the attention of the clients.

- Lighting – It does not depend whether the shop has any window or not, but every business space including salon must be properly lit up with pleasing light setup.

Part-2: Main Salon Area

The next thing that your client would face is the salon area to finally get the hair treatment. Here the places of attraction would be styling station, wet station, working chair, or a backwash unit. So depending on the styling of your studio you can choose to organize those in the better way making it convenient both for the stylists and guests.

Almost every client loves luxurious treatment from a hair salon service like making them comfortable with a hot towel from warmer as the essential barber shop machine. You should not overlook sanitizing all the equipment, tools, and area regularly to encourage healthy atmosphere for all. Hence, necessary equipment for a hair salon include;

- Barber Chair – There are different aspects to focus on while selecting these working chairs in a hair treatment salon like head-rests, arm-rests, leg-rests etc.

- Barber Station – It should be both appealing to the customer’s mind and ease to access barbershop tools or barber equipments within a limited area.

- Mirror – You can find lots of varieties in this essential component of a barber shop. It differs in style, and size that could match well to the salon interiors.

- Sink/Backwash Unit – There are cases when hair stylists need a proper area to wash the hairs of their customers with water either after shampoo or else.

- Sanitizer – After the COVID-19, it is necessary for any hair salon to consider regular sanitization for the safety of its staffing and guests.

- Hot Towel Warmer – It is crucial to help the hair stylists better serve their clients by smoothing the hair, softens the skin or opening the pores using hot towel.

- Hair Vacuum/Broom & Dustpan – To treat the cutoff hairs immediately after serving a client, equipment like vacuum or set of broom and dustpan is very handy.

- Trash Bin – None of the customer would appreciate trash anywhere either on the floor or the furniture in a hair salon.

Part-3: Working Area

Serving your clients with an eye catching and comfortable surrounding is not enough. If you want word of mouth marketing from your served clients then you need offer best in class hair treatment service to them. It is possible if you do not compromise in using the top quality salon products including all the retail items for the perfect beard or hair care.

By the way, you might find a wide range of varieties and accessories among the tools for barbering. So it all depends on the choices of essentials hair salon options that you want to provide to serve your customers. A barber shop can’t depend on limited hair cutting tools. Thus, the hair stylists should need the following barbering tools;

- Clippers – These are the alternatives of scissors to cut the hair from human head. Adjustable clipper and Detachable clipper are the common barbershop tools.

- Trimmer – It is a multipurpose tool in the hair salon to trim off the hair wither from the beard or head anywhere 1mm to more than 10mm with attachments.

- Scissors – They are commonly known as hair-cutting shears with the main purpose to help hair stylists cut hair as per the requirement or client’s demand.

- Straight Razor – Professional barbers generally have training with straight razors. It is nature friendly, lessens skin irritation and best for shaving purpose.

- Towels – Usually pure cotton towels of good quality are common in any spa or salon due to their soft absorbent property. These are around 25x15 inches in size.

- Combs – The barber combs can be having fine-tooth or wide-tooth design making it easy for a stylist to arrange the hair of their customers and to cut/trim them.

- Duster Brush – A brush with soft bristles can help one comfortably remove the hair residues from the body of the client. It also plays crucial role in beard shaving!

- Disinfectant & Jar – Germs can stick on the barbershop tools when touched on any person during their hair care. Disinfecting them avoids its communal spread.

- Cape – These are essential to avoid hairs to stick on the clothing or body of the customer. It is a garment that also highly useful for neat shampoo treatment of hair.

- Hair Dryer – A high quality dryer is necessary for professional environment for quick outcomes and their long term use. It should be handy enough for the stylists.

- Hair & Beard Care Products – Due to huge interests and growth in technology, you can find lots of beard and hair care products for their better upkeep.

Part-4: Decoration Essentials

Last but most crucial step is to make sure your hair salon should include some kind of decoration to offer eye soothing effect to the clients. It is important because almost every new hair salon these days might be having all the essential accessories and barber equipments in their studio. However, they lack enough décor.

As a result of this, many clients get bored to spend their crucial time of life that doesn’t offer any extra of their expectations. So if you have much space in your barber shop then better creating a separate station to pamper your guests. In case of limited space you can play with wall decors of your choice. Here is the list of popular decorations used in hair salons;

- Window display – Any text written in stylish font or colorful picture or graphics on the window glass can treat your clients with something special. These are crucial part of the hair salon décor that you need to take care, so it’s not looking messy or irritating. You can better take the help of an expert in case of doubt.

- Gallery wall – The most common trick to add design on the interiors of a hair treatment salon is to use any art or paintings on the walls. Many would prefer to hang photos of their best work so to encourage or impress their newer clients. So there are no limits on how to decorate a vacant wall in a hair care studio.

- Hot drinks station – You can arrange a separate drinks station to offer hot coffee or any range of beverages as special amenities to your customers. It is highly essential in case there are many people waiting for their turn of hair treatment in the reception area. They can take refreshments and enjoy with seeing beverages!

- DIY device charging station – Mobiles are part of common man’s life, so most of the time you need to face the demand to charge the phones of your customers. You can offer them decorative or stylish charging stations where they can securely place their cellphones without any worries.

- Wall quotes – Many interior designers recommend wall quotes to their salon clients. The quotes can be funny, inspiring, or simply informational! Sometimes pairing few words with the graphs or images also give a nice look to the overall ambience of a hair salon. The options are countless!



Starting a Barber shop or a Hair care business is not that tough, but it needs a good planning and arrangement to stand out of the market competition. Use your budget on the quality hair treatment products, equipment or barber shop machines as the essentials hair salon to satisfy all kinds of customer’s needs. You need to give your guests some reason to visit you again and again to your hair care studio. It is possible by arranging cheap hair salon equipment for sale online.

If you are inspired by this article and want to arrange all the above necessary salon equipment for your studio, a convenient way is to contact Omysalon! They can help you get high quality stylish salon essentials like tools for barbering within your budget. The brand Omysalon is committed to help skin-care, mani-pedi, barber, massage, spa, and salon business get professional barbering tools for various purposes.


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