Top 11 Small Salon Ideas to Make the Most of Space

Top 11 Small Salon Ideas to Make the Most of Space

In this article, we are going to share with you some useful small salon ideas. It should never have to be difficult for you to follow some of these easy ideas below.

Running a hair salon can be an exciting and interesting business that you can start from your home. Even though you have a small space, you can still have a profitable business from your salon. In this article, we are going to share with you some useful small salon ideas. It should never have to be difficult for you to follow some of these easy ideas below. Your customers will feel comfortable when coming to your small salon to enjoy the best service from your salon.


1. Add florals and greenery accessories

It is one of the easiest salon ideas for a small space that you can start doing from your home. Many customers are interested in looking at beautiful flowers with beautiful colors. Greenery can be another decor aspect that you are able to consider.  You can find some indoor plants that can be placed in your small space.


2. Use the right furniture for your salon

This is another idea that you may want to use for your salon, either you are looking for the regular small salon or small dog grooming salon ideas. Furniture plays an important role in determining the overall design of your salon. You should avoid using bulky and dull-colored items because they will make your space look smaller.


3. Add natural elements to your space

If you are looking for good small salon space ideas, you can take a look at this idea. You can provide a relaxing feeling to your salon by including natural elements in your space. You have several choices to include in your salon, for example, natural bamboo, natural wood, or an aquarium design. These decor additions can make your clients feel comfortable, so they are willing to come back to your salon again in the future.


  1. Use mirrors

Most small hair salons usually come with one or two mirrors to allow their customers to see themselves in the mirrors. However, if you have a small hair salon, you may want to consider adding several mirrors as your interior decor. Mirrors can make your room appear bigger. Avoid using any mirrors that come with borders on the side.


5. Always provide good lighting for your small space

As all of you know, good quality lighting is very important to help you create the right atmosphere for your salon. Your hair stylists can also give a lot of attention to the details during your services. It is a good idea for you when you want to use adjustable lights for your salon. The lighting needs to be able to create a comfortable space for your customers from your salon.


6. Use hidden storage

If you are looking for the best small salon space ideas, you can follow this simple idea. Many stores are offering hidden storage places for their customers. You can use your favorite hidden storage at any time you want, including the hidden shelves and also cabinets. They can be used to store your salon accessories and equipment without taking up a lot of your space.


7. Avoid leaving your wall empty

No one likes to stare at the blank spot. When you have an empty space on your wall, you may want to add something to the wall. Even though you are using the minimalist design for your salon, you still want to use some decorations, such as well-placed pictures, plants, and some other interesting items on the wall as the decors. Adding some items on the wall can make your customers feel comfortable inside your salon.


8. Lighter color is preferable

If you are looking for the small color bar ideas for the salon, you may want to take a look at this tip. The lighter color is commonly preferable when you have a small space. Many lighter colors, such as white, yellow, or peach can be used to make your space look bigger. It is recommended for you combine the lighter colors with a good lighting system for creating a comfortable space in your small salon.


9. Consider using the floor leveling and also colors for differentiating areas

It is one of the easiest small salon ideas that you can follow easily. You can differentiate several areas in your salon by using different colors and floor levels. If you offer multiple services, for example, spa or nail care services, you can differentiate their areas with different colors. You can also use different colors for different areas, such as the washing area, salon area, reception area, or waiting room area.


10. Upgrade the window display

You need to understand that the first impression will be an important thing you need to have in your salon. You don’t want to neglect the appearance of your window display. Your display needs to be a good place to show off the personality of your salon. You can put up some pictures of your team members interacting with some popular people. Putting up some reviews from your customers can leave good impressions on your customers’ minds.


11. Plan for the future adjustments

This is another important thing that you need to know when you want to run your small salon. You may want to plan for future adjustments. Many salon businesses are going to make some adjustments in the future depending on their clients’ needs and wants. You can always ask your customers, so you can know their needs. It is easier for you to make some adjustments to your salon based on your customers’ needs.


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