How to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Salon

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Salon

Having happy clients leaving your salon and spreading the voice about how excellent your services were is the absolute best marketing strategy. This is why, in this article, we’d like to discuss how to improve customer satisfaction.

What makes the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to survive? What makes your business grow constantly in time? What keeps clients returning? The factors at play are, of course, many but when all is said and done, it all comes to customer satisfaction.

Having happy clients leaving your salon and spreading the voice about how excellent your services were is the absolute best marketing strategy you can design and apply. This is why, in this article, we’d like to discuss how to improve customer satisfaction.


The importance of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is like the fuel for the success loop of your business. When customers are satisfied, you will incur these consequences:

  1. Clients that have been in your salon will return the next time they need beauty services.
  2. Clients that are satisfied will leave positive reviews online and it goes without saying that having a good reputation online is key to the success of your business.
  3. Clients that are satisfied are more likely to talk about your salon and your services with friends, relatives, and anyone asking them about it.

In other words, when customers leave your salon happy and satisfied the number of your clients' increases: new clients and loyal clients as well.

This is why customer satisfaction should be a priority and you should be constantly searching for new ways of improving customer satisfaction.


How can you improve customer satisfaction?

Now that we are aware of how important customer satisfaction is and why it’s time to discuss how to improve customer satisfaction. In this section, we’re analyzing the most effective tips to improve customer satisfaction so that you can become aware of the aspects you should be focusing on the most if you want to improve your business and increase your profit.

1. Easy appointments

You need to start focusing on how to improve customer satisfaction from the very first contact you have with your clients - when they are still potential clients. It means that, for users, it should be easy to find and contact you.

The process of taking an appointment in your salon should be the easiest: provide a phone number, a Whatsapp contact, your email, and - if you have the chance - a way of scheduling an appointment online, with a mobile app, or through your website.

2. First Impression

This is in part connected to the previous point but it goes even beyond. Of course, being able to schedule an appointment easily has an impact on the quality of your first impression, but you don’t have to lower your guard.

It’s important that the first impact is positive even when the client enters your salon for the first time. How can you achieve it?

  • Furnish your salon properly and carefully (see next paragraph for supplier recommendation)
  • Welcome your clients in a relaxed environment.
  • Always be courteous and friendly with your clients and instruct your employees to do the same.

3. Quality

If you aren’t new to the business, you’ve certainly already encountered the quote “quality is key”. In the world of business, you can have the best investors, marketing strategy, and collaborators, but it’s quality that keeps you going.

You need to aim at excellence in every aspect: the services you provide, the tools you use, and the equipment you provide your salon with. This is why picking the best supplier for your salon should be a part of your customer satisfaction improvement plan.

In this regard, we’d like to recommend one of the best and growing salon equipment suppliers available today: it is called Omysalon. It’s a company born with the aim of providing salons with the highest quality salon equipment, tools, and products at the best prices.

Other than providing only quality equipment and tools, and having such a wide and comprehensive catalog, Omysalon also gives you the advantage of having one supplier for anything you need in your salon. Having one supplier means that you can save money on expeditions and save time on management tasks.

4. Competence

One of the main ways to improve customer satisfaction is given your and your team’s competence. When you are competent in your sector, you are able to offer information, recommendation, and consultation to your clients. Your service shouldn’t be limited to the treatment, or - at least - clients shouldnìt have this impression.

With your treatments, you are also offering your knowledge. Share it with your clients so that they begin to rely on your competence, not only on your treatments.

5. Become a listener

Whether it is for understanding what kind of treatment your client needs or because a customer sample feels like talking about their problems, you need to become a good listener. Only by listening and watching carefully, you’ll be able to guess and understand your client's needs and respond to them, improving their level of satisfaction.

6. Happy team

We’ve mentioned that the kindness and friendliness of the people working in your salon are important for improving customer satisfaction. When you have a happy team working for you, kindness and friendliness happen spontaneously.

Having a happy and efficient team, however, doesn’t happen spontaneously. You need to actively work on it: always listen to their needs, make them listen to each other, and evaluate their ability to work in teams during interviews with potential employees.

7. Extra services

Offer more than your treatments in your salon: whether it is an extra cup of tea, a person to speak to, or some soft music in the background… more than a treatment, you should be offering an overall pleasant experience to your clients. Sometimes, to improve your customer satisfaction, you may need to offer simple extra services that make, however, a huge difference.



After quality, having satisfied customers should be your main priority when you launch and manage your beauty salon business. With this article, we’ve just provided tips that can provide inspiration on how to improve customer satisfaction in your beauty salon.


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