How to Be a Successful Salon Manager?

How to Be a Successful Salon Manager?

Here are ten identified secrets to help you be a successful salon manager.

Being a salon owner can be a stressful adventure, but the most successful salon managers make it look so easy. The truth is running a successful salon is achievable only if you are disciplined, patient, and knowledgeable. Are you eager to learn how to be a successful salon owner? In reality, there is no guarantee of success in any business, but we’ve identified ten secrets that will help you succeed, just as it has helped top salon owners.

1. Have a clear vision and brand mission

Every successful entrepreneur has a vision. Dreaming of starting a salon is a huge step, but you’ll need to state what you want to achieve and how you want to go about your business. Start by sharing your idea with your friends and family, observing their opinion on the subject. After brainstorming and brooding on others’ ideas, you can now move on to creating your brand mission. A brand mission will help you define your salon’s purpose, what will distinguish you from the competition, how to offer unique services, and so on. Before penning your brand’s mission statement, you first need to have an in-depth understanding of your target market, their interests, who are your competitors, and your financial budget. If you haven’t sorted these, now is a great time to get started.

2. Pay attention to your needs and take care of yourself

This is where a lot of salon owners get it wrong. They fail to understand that they represent the face of the brand. Without taking care of yourself, you cannot take care of your clients or employees. It is a natural law; you cannot give what you don’t have. Successful salon owners understand that taking care of themselves will help not only their performances, but that of their clients and employees. As one aspiring to become successful in this business, you want to make sure to:

  • Eat healthy food (more fruits and vegetables)
  • Get quality sleep
  • Avoid burnout
  • Conserve energy
  • Maintain a quality life

Attend to your body when the needs arrive. Remember, it is you first before your salon business. This way, you will provide exceptional service every day.

3. Learn how to delegate and manage your team

No man is an island; you cannot do things alone always. Successful salon managers know how to effectively delegate tasks and manage team members. Remember, time is one of man’s greatest assets. You want to maximize time to accomplish other tasks. By assigning tasks, you are making your team members feel among. In some cases, your employees may not respond as you want them to, it is left for you to train them other than yell or demoralize their morale. Every good leader makes out time to support their team. After all, if your team isn’t happy, your clients will not get the best service.

4. Take care of your clients

A salon without happy clients is a disaster waiting to manifest. Successful clients make their clients feel the most valued. From a welcoming smile to offering professional services, you want to give your clients the uttermost service from start to finish. Always remember that a happy customer will not just come back for more, but will also tell their friends, family members, and colleagues about your superior customer service.

5. Have good organization skills

Being a successful salon owner requires you to toggle personal life, business, employees, clients, finances, taxes, and more. To juxtapose these activities would require organization skills. Being organized will help you prioritize the most important tasks before the least important ones.

6. Stay motivated and inspire your employees

Sometimes in business, things don’t go as planned. In stormy weather, when things don’t go as planned, your employees will look to you for motivation. You don’t want to disappoint, do you? Successful salon managers know how to bring out the best in their employees by keeping them engaged and inspired. It’s good to have a drive, but always watch out for that excitement in the eye of your employee each time you engage them. Always remember, your employee will only give their best when they are happy.

7. Successful salon owners systematize and automate to save time

Still wondering how to be a successful salon owner? Leverage technology! We’re in a digital age where technology has afforded convenience and ease. Successful business owners take advantage of the internet and salon software to save time and make work easier. Leveraging salon booking software can solve a large chuck of your daily salon tasks.

8. Understand how to grow your business

Business growth goes beyond speaking eloquently or dressing flamboyantly. It takes networking, meeting with people, strategic planning, initiating new marketing strategies, and seizing opportunities to build a successful salon business or any business at all. Successful salon owners don’t just sit all day in their salon; they attend events, meet with other successful salon owners, and research modern technology to improve their business. In the end, growth is what they want to achieve.

9.  Use the best salon equipment and supplier

Successful salon owners invest in quality equipment and furniture that offers comfort for both employees and clients. They get high-quality salon products from reputable suppliers, like Omysalon. Omysalon is a global wholesale manufacturer that sells high-quality salon furniture and equipment for all budgets. Discover tons of salon products for pedicures, manicures, spas, barbers, nail shops, and skincare businesses. Feel free to contact Omysalon today for the best hair/nail/beauty/salon equipment & furniture.

10. Never stop learning

Someone said, “The day you stop learning, that day you die.” However true this statement is; adding to your knowledge base comes with numerous benefits. The world is evolving and so is the beauty industry. The best techniques some 5 years ago are probably obsolete today. Learning helps you to stay abreast of the latest trends, marketing patterns, management, recruitment process, sales, and financing. As a salon owner, your responsibility is to thirst for knowledge so you can always provide invaluable insights on how you can align your business to keep pace with the ever-changing customer demand.

How much do salon owners make?

The hair salon owner salary varies depending on the location, services rendered, space, and so on. According to formal statistics, a hair salon owner salary in the United States range from $14,377 to $384,018. On average, they earn around $69,245 per year.


Starting a salon business requires a great deal of focus, commitment, hard work, and consistency. Successful businesses know this, no wonder they are on top. If you are struggling to achieve success as a salon manager, take your time to work on these actionable tips. In no time, you will break even.


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